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Production: HappyEnd studio
Cast: actors’ casting; director, cinematographer and allocations’ selection  

It’s a romantic story about the love between Vision and Sound. While Sound finds a new realization through different radio transformations, Vision becomes aware of the fact that he is her greatest love. With some moments of hesitation - is this the right Sound for me, why it is talking him so long, isn’t she moving too fast, how everybody will accept our relationship - the two lovers are together again after they happen to meet on the top of the Eiffel tower. Sensuality lined with a great amount of high quality director’s work and a really appropriate casting. What does await you at the end? Look above! We have chosen our name by no chance.
 Corporate Audio
 Zagorka NCP 2013
 Zagorka Fusion 2013
 Zagorka Rezerva 2012
 Zagorka "World Class II"
 Zagorka "Rezerva"
 Промо клип Освободи Интернет
 Zagorka "Tennis Cup"
 Vivacom "Net&Call"
 Vivacom "4Fun"
 Vivacom "Traffic"
 Vivacom "Net"
 Zagorka "Dzun"
 Chio "Tortilla Rolls"
 DSK "Avans"
 Vivacom "UniCall XL"
 Vivacom "Get Bonus"
 Vivacom "Trio LG"
 Vivacom "UniCall XL"
 Vivacom "Home"
 Vivacom "UniCall"
 Vivacom "Trio Biz"
 Vivacom "Gold"
 Vivacom "Trio" 2
 Vivacom "Trio"
 Chio "20% Gratis"
 Readers Digest
 Banica "Familia"
 DSK "Credit"
 DSK "Consumer Loan"
 DSK "Tempo"
 DSK "Direct"
 DSK "Credit"
 Maggi "Fixes Musaka"
 Maggi "Frikase"
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